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Founded in UAE in 2013, Crafty Cottage offers a vast range of art materials to artists from all over the world. With our expertise and knowledge, we are confident that we can supply you with the materials you need to realize your creative potential.

Crafty Cottage & Manual Arts Center is the UAE’s leading destination for all types of arts and crafts supplies. We source our products from some of the best companies in the world, in order to help you make your art, craft and design work dreams come true.

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Our product range includes Cadence Design, Gamblin Oil Paints, Gamblin Oil Paint set, Gamblin Oil Colors, Pan Pastel Charcoal, Golden Yellow Paint, Golden Oil Paint Glues, Varnish, Wax, Glitters, Crackled Effects, Brushes, Mediums, Stencils, Acrylic Paints, Media Ink, Oil Paints, Water Colors, Pan Pastels, Acrylic Fluids, Primer, Gesso, Contour Liners, Pigments, Spatula, Wooden Boxes, Canvass Roll/Pre Cutting, Sponge, Foil, Decoupage Paper, Dora 3d Pen, Decorative Plaster, 3d Paste, 3d Effect Gel, Transfer Papers, Resin and Sospeso Products.


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I come home from school on a regular day and find that my mom has created a brand new piece. She would always find the inspiration to create magically beautiful home deco items, like tissues box covers, baskets and even embroidery. I always loved seeing her do her magic.

Flash forward go 1987, 15 year old me was living in the UK and had inherited my mother’s passion for arts and craft. I taught myself from books as I struggled between Arabic and English, while raising my children at the same time. I also taught myself crochet and knitting. It was difficult, but it was a truly fulfilling experience.

I was always fond of antiques and Victorian style craft work made from laces and ribbon, so I started a dress making shop I affectionately named ‘LACE ART’. However, my passion for colors and brushes kept bubbling and my sister eventually encouraged me to open a shop in the pursuit of my true passion. That was when we opened Crafty Cottage together.

I enjoyed every moment as I attended workshops while raising my two daughters at the same time. Today, I have two beautiful daughters and both of them are artists.

Today, we are a complete family of artists!

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Our mission is to enhance and empower amateurs and artists to develop their creativity through access to education and professional independence. We are committed to teach and enhance artistic appreciation and expression, through professional instructors and role models. To provide ideas, skills and inspiration in a fun and safe environment.




Our vission is to be the leading center in the UAE, owned by UAE national, aimed towards the growth and development of trading modern and cultural art and crafts.



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top-quality artist and wide range of artist's, hobby and crafts brushes.

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Artist quality handmade oil paints from williamburg and Gamblin

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arts & crafts supplies, high quality and affordable prices with great variety and amazing range of acrylic colors.


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